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    Menu Planning Made Simple

    Select your meals, print your grocery list, do your shopping. Making meals for your family becomes simple with our meal planning service.

    Menus in Minutes

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    • Why Meals By The Week?

      • Fresh Ingredients
        We like to build our menus around real food. Sure, you will find a few convenience items, but most of what we use is as close to real as possible. Why? Because it’s better for you and ultimately saves you money.
      • Save Time
        Meals prepared in your slow cooker, or Quick-Fix meals ready in about 30 minutes, keep you out of the kitchen with your busy schedule.
      • Budget Friendly
        Stop buying ingredients you don’t need with an organized grocery list. Budget-stretching Leftover Makeovers make the most of your grocery dollars.
      • Feed 2-16
        Scale the recipes to fit your family. You can feed anywhere from 2-16 with automatically updating recipes and grocery list. Skip the meals you don’t want to cook, and the ingredients are instantly removed from your grocery list.
      • Mobile Friendly
        Forget your grocery list at home? No problem! Just log in from your smart phone or tablet and get your list. No app required!

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